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Oooh, we do get to work in some amazing locations. We keep saying that, but it really is true...

Most recently it was the tiny isle of Kerrera, at the mouth of Oban Bay.  Just a 5 min ferry ride from the mainland.

At only 4.7 sq miles, with no main road linking the north and south of the island, and no village, it brings new meaning to the word rural. But despite this, the population has had a bit of an upsurge in the last few years, and now grown to a grand total of 68 full time residents, including 18 kids.

As a budding rural metropolis, there was a growing need for a community centre. And that’s where we got involved - In the renovation of the old school-house.

Built in 1870, and keen to be as authentic as possible, the Island Redevelopment Trust asked us to install Crittall Gothic steel windows. And what a result. It looks fabulous and the building is now wind and watertight and working on the next round of funding to bring it to completion.

We loved working on such a special project, in such a special place. It’s not just the building that’s being rejuvenated, it’s the community too. And now they will have a much-needed space for parties, functions, meetings, yoga clubs, childcare and everything else.

We wish them all the best, and encourage you all to make the quick trip from Oban to enjoy a beautiful rural paradise. A 10km track around the island makes it a great day out  - bird watchers and walkers love it in summer.

Check out more on the old-school project and learn more about Kerrera. 

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